Loudtronix: Best Youtube Mp3 Downloader and Converter

Loudtronix MP3 Downloader Convertor

Today, we will discuss about LoudTronix co website and will understand that why it is the best MP3 YouTube video downloader and convertor.

We have all sometimes come across some gem of music in the deep chasms of Youtube and literally found it on no other streaming platform. Therefore our only way to retain that music is save it offline or download it with a Youtube downloader. However, most Youtube downloaders compromise the original quality of the sound or video.

LoudTronix is an extremely popular web based music player service that helps you to search and download unlimited mp3 music. Plus it has a feature which allows you to download, convert music and music video to MP3 format with the LoudTronix youtube mp3 downloader and retain the original quality of the sound!

Features of LoudTronix

  • It is 100% free for downloading MP3 music without needing any subscription or money.
  • The interface is really user-friendly and it does not take much time to figure out.
  • Very popular and dubbed as the best Youtube MP3 downloader and converter.
  • There is no set limit on number of downloads, you can download as much music as you want.
  • The downloaded or converted music retains its original quality
  • The interface is available in many languages for users all over the globe.

How Can We Go To LoudTronix?

Users might be confused as to which URL leads to the authentic site of LoudTronix. It could be either or and there is some legitimate confusion about it.

However, let us tell you that these both URLs actually redirecting to this webpage It has recently changes to this URL.

There you can either stream music online or as the name suggests, convert or download youtube files in MP3 format.

The site offers a variety of choices such as most popular list of songs and list of music videos. There are also itemized songs in the Top 100 or Top 50 manner. If you are a registered user then you can also make your own exclusive LoudTronix playlist which will help you to enjoy music on the site more conveniently.

How to Download/Convert Youtube Videos into MP3 using Free Tool?

Step 1

Open up any browser on your device and go to

Step 2

Enter the name of the music that you wish to download in the search bar and click on the search button

Step 3

You can also copy the link of the youtube video that contains the song and paste the link into the LoudTronix URL search bar

Step 4

Click on the ‘DOWNLOAD MP3’ to download the video in MP3 format. You can also click ‘DOWNLOAD VIDEO’ to save the music in the video format

Step 5

Wait for a few seconds for LoudTronix converter tool. After the downloading, converting is done; select a quality which you want to download: ‘LOW’, ‘MEDIUM’ and ‘HIGH’.

Step 6

Select according to your preference and LoudTronix will arrange the resources and complete the task.

Please note: The downloading time depends on the size and quality of the file. A combination of a small file and low quality will take mere seconds to download. While a large file with high definition quality will take some considerable time to download.

Also sometimes the search bar in LoudTronix may not work, in case you can still copy and paste youtube music links and download & convert as much as you want.

What if LoudTronix Fails to Download?               

Don’t worry in case LoudTronix fails to download your favorite tunes. You can use third-party music downloaders along with LoudTronix to do the work. Aimersoft iMusic is such a third-party downloader.

You can also use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder with Loudtronix free mp3 downloader to download MP3 music.

Now you have been introduced to the steps required in downloading and converting free MP3 music from Loudtronix free youtube mp3 converter and downloader as well as two other alternative ways to do the same.

Sometimes you may be unable to play the downloaded MP3 file to due to format incompatibility. Do not worry- an audio converter software can easily solve the issue.