How to Search the Internet On Roku?

How to Search the Internet On Roku

In this write up, I will tell you everything about how to search the internet on Roku TV.

Besides it, I will also discuss things you need to download and how to cast browsers and app like Miracast to browse internet on Roku.

Roku is something similar to the smartphone. It allows you to stream videos and paid contents on your television.

Roku was founded in October 2002 by Anthony Woods, founder of ReplayTV. Roku means “six” in Japanese.

Any movie and video streaming app can be downloaded on Roku. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and others can be easily downloaded on the Roku app.

Roku is operated from a small box named “Roku box” that allows you to watch television through different apps downloaded on your Roku.

You can watch different series and shows through this device.

When Roku was launched back in 2008, it only supported Netflix, but now you have too many options. Roku collaborated with Netflix to start a new generation of over-the-top-entertainment.

Roku is built with a simple interface for easy operation. Now, you improvised itself and due to technological changes, you can now even stream internet on Roku (internet tv).

If you are thinking of buying a new tv, we would suggest you to buy a Roku tv because it is full of entertainment. Roku even provides some free channels.

Roku was launched with the idea and use of the set-top box, now they have installed all the movie and video streaming apps into a Roku tv.

Buy one, sign in and get started.

Does Roku Have an Internet Surfing Facility?

Roku does not have an in-built web browser. Roku has channels to stream content but doesn’t have a web browser. You need to install a web browser to search the internet on Roku.

Well, some good news for you is that you can actually download web browsers in your Roku tv. We will help you do that, keep following the article.

Roku has pre-installed two web browsers, but they are pretty much useless and are not developed by Roku themselves.

They cannot function properly, therefore to help you with the browsers and also a workaround that will offer you smooth browsing on your Roku. Buying a Roku stick or set-top box will not help you search the internet on Roku.

Let’s check out how to search the internet –

What Are the Web Browsers on Channel Store In Roku?

Roku channel has two browsers –

  • Web browser X
  • POPRISM web browser

How to Use Web Browser X?

This web browser comes with a little better interface than POPRISM. The interface does not match the latest technologies and sometimes creates issues while surfing. It does not allow access to modern interfaced sites.

Browser X has a handful of pre-installed links like CNN, ABC News, Google News and Fox News. Enter an URL and you can surf the internet using Google.

Click the * on your remote to enter and search the URL.

Web browser X also provides you with a facility to keep some frequently visited websites as your favourites.

Use the left, right button to navigate and press “okay” to load the page. It cannot even play videos, either let you fill-up passwords or user names.

Warning – This browser does not come free for you. When you buy a Roku tv, American stores have listed the monthly subscription prices. The monthly subscription for web browser X is $4.99! Would you pay this amount of such an interface and wasted experience? I don’t think so! Therefore, it is important for you to know how to search the internet on Roku for free.

How to Use POPRISM Browser?

A total worthless browser for this technologically advanced generation. This browser does not even show you an image. You can only read texts. No graphical user interface even JavaScript will not run. This will basically allow you to read texts and who wants to just read texts where no image or even a JavaScript doesn’t run?

But there is a bright side to this browser, it will not charge any monthly subscription, unlike Web browse X. Still, if you wish to use POPRISM, here’s a small guide for you –

Guide – Press UP to scroll up, DOWN to scroll down, LEFT to Scroll up 10 lines, RIGHT to scroll down 10 lines, BACK to go to the previous one and press RETURN to go back to the home page.

How to Search Internet on Roku for Free?

Roku does not allow any installation of a web browser in the device. They already have a pre-installed browser which is more or less worthless.

Therefore the only option for web browsing on a Roku device narrows down to “screen mirroring”.

Scroll down and navigate the article to know more about internet searching on Roku devices using screen mirroring.

Casting Android on Roku

It’s very easy to cast anything from your android phones or tablets on Roku. Follow these steps –

Download the screen mirror app on your android phone and start enjoying it.

How And What To Download?

There are several screen mirror apps on play store. Check below –

  • Team viewer
  • Google home
  • Chrome remote desktop
  • Miracast

Note: Roku works only with Miracast.

How to download Miracast on Android Phone?

Go to the google play store and type Miracast a search result will appear. Click on Miracast and install it. Now, follow the instructions and agree to the policies.

How To Cast A Browser From Android On Roku?

  • To cast web browser on Roku, you need to click on “Settings”
  • Now surf to “Connected Device” and then click on “Pair New Device”.
  • Wait till your android phone searches for the Roku device. Tap on the “name of your device” when your Roku device is detected and wait for initialization.

Your phone screen will be cast on the Roku device. Open your browser and start surfing.

Casting Browser From Windows

Follow these steps mentioned below to cast Windows on your Roku device –

  • Open “Settings” > “System” >”About” if your Roku tv is updated version 7.7. If your reiki device is not updated yet, you need to update the device to the latest version.
  • Follow these steps, “settings” > “System” > “System Update” > “Check Now” and complete the update process to proceed with the casting instructions.
  • Open “Action Center” on your windows. Click on “Connect”. If you are unable to see it, click on ” Expand”.
  • Windows will scan your Roku device. It can take up to 40 seconds to complete the scanning process. Click on the rocky device name and it will connect automatically.

Now, you can open a web browser and start surfing the internet on Roku.

Issues With Miracast

Roku does not allow screen mirroring with any other screen mirror app except Miracast.

For iPhone and Mac users, the news comes with a heavy heart, because these two do not support Miracast.

Instead, you can use another third-party app AirBeamTV to achieve this result. From your iOS and macOS, cast your phone videos on your Roku device using Mirror from Roku device.

You need to run your Roku tv and your iOS or macOS device on the same WiFi.

Miracast also comes with some shortcoming,

  • It creates an issue with connection, Connection fails numerous times, connection dropouts etc.
  • Also, screencasting will drain your phone’s battery because the video you are streaming will run on your cell phone too and many other issues.

Final Word

In brief, this is everything you can do to search the internet on Roku. Casting your device on Roku is very easy and is incredibly simple to stream thousands of channels from the channel list.

Roku is an engaging device if you use it to stream videos and movies but a total failure for web searches. If you are inclined to spend some money on Roku tv, be wise.