How To Get Internet Without A Provider for Free?

Get Internet Without A Provider

There are completely legal ways to get internet without a provider. You just need to be smart enough to understand how it works.

Firstly, we have mentioned different ways of how to access internet without a provider. Then we have discussed some of the commonly used terms associated with the internet to help you understand the fundamentals.

These clever ideas will work wonders for the students because it’s impossible for you to recharge your internet service every month when it charges $70 every month by your internet service providers.

With these tricks, you will never have to pay a single penny while you enjoy fast, legal and free Internet without a provider.

8 Free Ways To Get Internet Without A Provider

Generally, internet service providers charge a monthly fee for using the Internet but with the methods we mentioned, you will be able to relish the services of the internet without a provider and without getting charged.

Check out below free ways to use internet –

1) Public Wi-fi

The first thing that comes to mind if we talk about the internet without a provider, is definitely public Wi-fi.

Many cities across the globe are providing free public internet for usage. Some cities cover a small radius but there are cities which covers larger radius.

Apart from this, you can have access to the internet without a provider in a restaurant, park, shopping mall, offices, stores, pubs etc.

This public wi-fi is not always open to all, you need passwords to access it. But if you are in the spot, from where the wifi signal is coming, you can ask them to share their password only if you help them in return.

For example, if you are at a pub, buy a drink and ask for the password. It would be easier to ask for the password without any embarrassment or humiliation.

2) Tethering

This is somewhat similar to the hotspot. Here you activate your mobile data and instead of using Wifi, tethering needs a USB cable. All you require is to connect your mobile with your laptop to access the internet.

This method helps in battery conservation and also does the work of a mobile hotspot.

The Internet speed will entirely depend on your mobile network. If you are in a city, you will receive faster internet service but if you are in some remote area and in need of urgent internet, you might struggle to get the right speed.

Moreover, the laptop uses a large amount of data packets, therefore many limited plans will not work if you are using tethering. You need a postpaid plan but you know, you might burn your pockets at the end of the month.

To activate tethering follow this for Android phones –

  • Settings > Network and Internet > Hotspot and Tethering. Slide the toggle next to the wifi hotspot.
  • Plugin the cable and start connecting.

For iOS users –

  • Settings > Personal Hotspot > slide the toggle and get started.

3) Wifi Using Others Mobile Data

If you want to enjoy the internet without a provider, you should start using others, mobile data.

Well, remember always to ask them before using their mobile data. But if you get someone’s hotspot connection by chance, why not utilise it.

For MacOS – 

To share the internet from iOS you need to go to “Apple” and then “System Preference” and find “Internet sharing” and click it. Select the connection you want to share your internet with and click on it.

For Windows – 

For Android, go to “Settings’ ‘ and when you see “Network and Internet” click on it. Now, choose “Mobile hotspot” and slide the toggle to on position.

4) Mobile Hotspot

One of the most used and reliable options to get internet without a provider. Using your mobile data, you can get the benefits of the internet on your laptop or for television.

You have another option. You can use a mobile hotspot device for internet connection. There are different models out in the market. Choose any model that suits your purpose and pocket.

5) Wifi Dongle

Small internet providing USB devices that are also known as Instant Internet. This is the best option to get the internet without a provider.

These dongles have monthly plans, so there is no issue with the maximum data usage. Your internet speed will depend on the internet service provider and also the data limitation will depend upon your monthly plan.

Don’t get caught up in the 3g schemes because they are cheaper, 3g will not serve your purpose. If you want to stream online videos and movies. Take up a plan that provides 4g speed.

This dongle is smaller than hotspot services and easier to operate. You can carry them with you anywhere. Wi-fi dongles are lifesavers for travellers.

6) Office/Shopping Malls/School Receptions

Every office, school office and shopping malls have free internet.

Whenever you want to download any heavy file you can visit these places and use the internet as much as you can.

While you are sitting in a shopping mall food court, it should be your moral duty to buy something, maybe a drink or a coffee.

Offices do offer free internet to employees, use it to download heavy files while you are working. While your way back home, you can watch whatever you have downloaded without any issue.

7) Use Free Trial Internet Service

There are various internet providers who provide a free trial of the internet absolutely free for a limited time period.

For registering to this facility you will have to provide them with your credentials, but you can cancel your subscription anytime after your trial period is over.

If you do not unsubscribe to the plan, you will automatically be charged for a month and that would be pathetic. Check your mails regularly because they will drop you a mail when it’s time.

8) Sharing Is Caring

You always have an option open if you are helpful by nature. If you have friendly neighbours, you can ask them. You can use their wifi connection when in need and pay them for a day or you can hike their monthly plan and share the internet.

Hike in monthly plan will also hike in the speed of the internet. Therefore, you won’t face any issue regarding speed.

You might help them sometime in future when they will need your help. Keeping a friendly environment always helps you grow.

In brief, these are some legal tricks to use the internet without a provider.

Now, let’s understand a few terms that we have already used here. Just for knowledge!

Explanation of Internet Terminology Used Here


Whenever we use the mobile data to use the internet and using a USB cable from phone to laptop, our phone uses the local modem and we use the cellular data. This process is known as tethering.


Whenever a wireless device produces a Wifi signal, it is commonly known as a hotspot. Like we have already seen above, a mobile phone can turn into a hotspot. Also, we can use hotspot devices to generate signals and use the internet.

Internet Provider

Internet providers are also known as Internet Service Providers or ISP. ISPs are the companies who have cables or fibre optic cables set in a particular place, they provide you connection in favour of a monthly charge.


Wireless networking technology that uses radio waves to provide wireless high-speed internet connection. It is also provided with high-speed network connections. Wi-fi stands for wireless fidelity which is a press release phrase.


1) Do you need an internet provider to use a wireless router?

Yes, you need a service provider for the router but not your cell phone or laptop, you can use this without a service provider.

2) How to get wifi in the house without a connection?

As mentioned earlier, you can share your neighbour’s wireless connection after taking their permission of course. Or else you can use your mobile hotspot, or a dongle to get wifi in the house without a connection.

3) Can we get the internet for free?

Yes, we mentioned the procedure above. Check the topic that talks about trial period internet from internet providers. Also, if you are lucky enough to crack your neighbour’s password, you can enjoy free wireless internet unless they find out someone is using their internet and changes the password.

4) Do these pocket dongles and portable hotspots work?

Yes, they do. Depending on your monthly plan and your area of operation. You cannot expect high-speed internet in a jungle, but if you face issues with Internet speed, you should talk to your internet provider. There might be an issue with your service providers. The wireless dongles work with sim cards. Therefore, these plans will be somewhat similar to recharge plans. Make sure to go postpaid if you are sure about using dongles.


We have mentioned a few tricks to get the internet without a provider along with answering some frequently asked questions. Also, for your knowledge, we have tried to describe some important terms related to the internet, just for your ease. We wish you happy free web browsing!