FlixTor is Back with Modern User Interface Design


After the sudden disappearance of FlixTor, a platform to find video streaming sources for media entertainment, it is back up, completely remodeled. Seeing the relatively modern design of the website, it is safe to assume that the platform went through a complete code rewrite.

What Caused Flixtor to Shut Down?

The FlixTor development team is yet to provide any concrete explanations as to what caused their abrupt shutdown. But it is safe to assume that clash with copyright holders who repeatedly targeted the platform is the reason behind the abrupt seizure of operations.

What Will Happen to the VIP Members?

The website, as you know, scans the internet for FlixTor movies and other video media on various streaming websites and catalogs it on their page. The clients can thus immediately find what they are looking for and view it anytime, or even cast the content on different devices. The latter, however, is a feature that is available only to the VIP users.

So, the question now arises – what will happen to the users who purchased the premium access to FlixTor before it shut down?

The VIP members, FlixTor team claims, need not worry about anything. They promise that the previous VIP users will get their new login credentials without having to pay any extra fee, and will enjoy the same perks as before.

What Changed After the Rewrite or New Design?

The whole website underwent a major code rewrite and hence a lot of changes and reforms are introduced.

The prime thing to notice is the absolute makeover of the layout and the design of the homepage. The developers improved the interface to make it more modern and user-friendly. They also tinged the overall design with a hint of modernity.

Performance wise, the library containing FlixTor free movies faced an all-time low upon its arrival. But the developers worked feverishly to populate the website once again. Everything is now back to normal, more or less.

Is the New Website Launch Legit or a Hoax?

It is an apparent fact that whenever FlixTor goes offline, a variety of similar websites open up their portal on the world-wide-web to copy the idea and earn money.

The sudden reappearance of FlixTor brought doubts in the minds of several users. But we have a concrete reason to believe that the comeback is indeed legit.

The proof lies in the fact that while every other copycat site is filled with advertisements and pop-ups for their own monetary gain, the newly re-coded FlixTor does not have any advertisements.

Therefore, the good news is that the comeback, indeed, is legit.

In brief,

FlixTor is back with a new code and presumably new software updates. The developers are working very hard to restore it back to its old glory, or even better. They have introduced several reforms and are widely populating the website with various forms of media content.