Animedao: Is it Really a Free and Safe Anime Website?


Nowadays, a lot of streaming platforms are available for different kinds of shows. Most of them require you to subscribe to them with a certain amount of money. But there are hundreds of libraries or websites on the internet that provide free services.

Similarly, there are hundreds of websites designed specifically to stream quality anime for free. But when you use a free service, you can never be sure about the legitimacy of the website. There are several things that you need to keep in mind while streaming from such sources.

One such website is Animedao. As far as it has existed, Animedao has gained an enormous amount of popularity.

In this article, we will discuss the legitimacy of Animedao website and will let you know either it is a safe anime website or not.

About Animedao

Animedao is one of the best anime streaming platforms for free and subbed Anime content. It plays host to about 1000s of series.

The best thing about Animedao, apart from its streaming ease, is that it is a free service. You can easily stream anime videos or watch cartoon shows on this website without any issues.

Is it Safe to Use Animedao?

A diverse compilation from different fact-checking websites show that Animedao is a legit website that is safe to use.

Some positive highlights are –

  1. The website uses a SSL certificate.
  2. The website has been active and popular on the web for 4 years.
  3. The traffic volume for this site is high.

Some negative highlights are –

  1. The identity of the owner of this platform is a mystery.
  2. The setup of this website corresponds to 2 different countries.


  1. Large amount of shows: The library of this website contains as many as 1000s of series and shows.
  2. Good stream quality: The website is fast, consumes lower amount of bandwidth and displays quality content. It also allows the user to change the quality of the video.
  3. Spot-on subtitles: It is not a dubbed website. It provides quality subtitles which are spot-on even for newly released anime.
  4. Safe to use: A general consensus of the internet is that .com is a safe, virus-free streaming platform.
  5. User friendly nature: The website gives you an overview of all the series and lets you decide on what you want to watch. It also contains a ‘Popular’ and a ‘Random’ tab.


  1. Simple design: For all its user-friendly nature, Animedao disappoints with a simple design that may not appeal to some of the users.
  2. Not many features: The layout of the website is bland. It is a good streaming platform but does not provide the users with a lot of customizing options.

Our Verdict

Looking at each and every aspect, we have to be inclined to vote in the favor of Animedao. It has been one of the most popular anime streaming platforms for four years.

It is free, fast, and hosts a large variety of shows. Not only that, there is absolutely no safety concerns while accessing the website.