Video: Miguel “Candle in the Sun”

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Video: Miguel “Candle in the Sun”

I like Miguel. I liked his first album and I really like his second album “Kaleidoscope Dream”. And if this was a different time I think Miguel would be a bigger star, get more support, and sell more records but in this day and age you gotta do something out of this world to make it big.  *does Wayne Brady have to smack a bitch*

Now what I’m about to say next is offensive and insensitive but its how I feel and it’s my perspective on my blog so you get the point. In order for Miguel to blow up the way I want him to he needs to do one of two things:


1. Pull a Frank Ocean and come out of the closet. But not just any closet, like come running out of one of those walk in closets that are bigger than the walk-up 1 bedroom I used to live in in Harlem and maybe even that is too small. I’m saying come out as a transgendered cat. Say you were born Michelle and always felt like you were  a man so you got the operation. Just do that shit b. You’ll get so much support from GLAAD and other LGBTQ groups that your album sales and presence will be felt from New York City to New Zealand. You make good music so don’t worry about your straight fans, you’ll gain all types of new fans, folks who just want to be progressive and you’re the new poster boy for some different shit.


2. Release a sextape with your beautiful girlfriend. No like a full on “staged porn” that has make-up, lighting and all that but make it seems like it’s a home video. You’re one of them Prince types, it’s not hard for me to believe that your crib could be set up like a video set and you and homegirl like to role play and film your own videos. And fam…. You gotta knock the dust off that puzzy. The fellas are going to salute you because your chick is BADDDDD and we want to know what that thing looks and smells like. We really want to know what her mouth do but I respect you so I’m not going to say that. Or did i just say that, forget what I’m saying. Even the homophobic dudes will forgive you for that one time they went to your concert with their girl and all the flaming homosexuals were coming onto anybody that had breath in their body. The ladies already love you, some of them wish they looked like you but that’s another issue. Most will adore a man that’s out here making that 18 hour lusty love to their woman. Candles, rose petals, gold angels pissing. Go all out. If you’re worried about who would release it I’m sure you guys have some quality haters around you who say they love you that would be glad to throw you under the bus to gain some notoriety. Do that shit b!

Miguel I just want you to be successful. I just want people making tremendous love to “Do You” on weeknights and weekends. I want people thanking you for the birth of their first child because your music took them to a different place. I just want you to win bro. GO WIN!!!

Peep Miguels new video by the way “Candle in the Sun”

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