Kanye West Voices His Displeasure With The Business of the Music Business

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Kanye West Voices His Displeasure With The Business of the Music Business

Now as far as blog post headlines go the one above is terrible. But… Everyone else is running with “Kanye West Rants… Kanye Ain’t Messing With Jay-Z’s Suit & Tie” and while those things were said (“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t fuckin’ with that ‘Suit & Tie’.”) and might be a draw for views which make the internet go round and round, those sentiments weren’t the most important part of his diatribe tonight in London at the Hammerstein Apollo.

Remind me again why we in this shit. Since when was making music about getting rich. Since when was making art about getting rich.

Ironically, when I listen to it again I’m not sure that he was ever talking about “suit and tie” Justin Timberlake’s comeback single featuring Jay-Z, that’s too obvious, that’s too trite. And be clear, this is just my opinion but most of the so called rant finds Kanye voicing his displeasure with the capitalism in Hip-Hop and how it affects the art. How the business aspect of hip-hop, touring, and endorsements etc. etc. truly vex him.

Look at the “rant” in context if you will. It’s very possible that Kanye West was speaking more about Jay-Z’s business acumen when referencing “suit and tie” and not the song. Jay-Z is Mr. “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business mannnn!” Jay-Z’s meteoric rise is well documented and people look to him as the ambassador of Hip-Hop Culture and its relationship with Corporate America. That’s the “suit and tie” Ye is talking about, he doesn’t want to get wrapped up in the business of it all, he just wants to make his art. He’ll hear about these blog posts and the twitter rants people went on and feel even more alone, more misunderstood. Damn!!! Tell me what you think. Was Kanye West sending shots at his “big brother”?

Update: The Kanye West Scream (you gotta love this guy)

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