Jen the Pen & Her Lack of White Privilege

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Jen the Pen & Her Lack of White Privilege


I’m not sure how many struggle blogs have been written this week about racism and white privilege as it pertains to rapper Consequence’s baby mother, Jen the Pen. Prior to this season of Love & Hip-Hop NY I was unfamiliar with Jen and if her contract doesn’t get renewed for the next season Of Love & Hip-Hop NY I’m sure I’ll never hear about her again.

Some of the Internets were in an uproar on Monday night after Jen the Pen made comments to her fellow cast mate Raqi Thunda about “her whiteness” and how that alone will propel her to success. Now white privilege is a real thing and by no means do I want to diminish how said privilege affects minorities through institutionalized racism BUT… THIS… IS NOT … THAT BLOG….

In fact I’m of the thinking that Jen the Pen needs some good wholesome, Long Island/ Upper West Side privileged white people to hang out with so that she can get a real taste of WHITE POWER. Check out a few white persons I think are “whiter” and more privileged than Ms. Pinocchio aka Jen the Pen.

the kardashians

The Kardashian Sisters

Any one of them and don’t give me that they’re Armenian shit. For all intents and purposes those girls are white and that white card plus some hustle from Kris Jenner has made those 3 talentless ladies cash cows for E! and several other brands they do business with.

Jen the Pen has not been able to channel her whiteness in such a way and I doubt she ever will. #1 The Kardashians have jobs while Jen is unemployed. Maternity leave typically lasts 3-6 months, her son is well past 1 now and it’s time she takes her ass back to work. #2. She’s broke, constantly asking her baby daddy Cons for money. She calls him Cons so I’mma call him Cons. I have no idea what his real name is and don’t feel like googling it. The Kardashian girls have their own money, period. #3 Jen dates bum rappers, Kim dates Kanye West and Khloe married Lamar Odom. In true white privilege fashion only the best will do, if you’re going to go black — go successful black like Nicole Simpson with OJ before umm you know, things went left.

mug shot lindsay

Lindsay Lohan

When we first saw Lindsay she was lily white, over the years she’s become white trash white but still more privileged than Jen the Pen. What the fuck kind of name is Jen the Pen anyway, it just sounds so juvenile even for a gossip blogger/radio host. But back to Lindsay, Lindsay gets caught with more white than Frank Lucas and she rarely has to serve any jail time for her run-ins with the law. Jen doesn’t have that kind of whiteness. If the police see Jen doing something illegal with a big water head m’effer like Consequence they’re locking her ass up too. Why? Because no smart white girl would date Bucky O’Hare so they’re going to assume she’s a light skinned Latina and the cops have no problem arresting a Latina.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow

Also known as Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s best friend. AKA I used to listen to N.W.A. and I know all the words to all of their albums and most other 90’s Hip-Hop. You see all this street cred lily white Gwyneth has and she’s still got more white privilege than you. Gwyneth has her white privilege so on smash that when she tweeted “niggas in paris for real” she had house niggas and field niggas alike arguing over whether or not she had a pass to use the n-word. Nas even threatened to smack the shit out of anyone who had a problem with it. You see that, THAT’S MOTHERFUCKING WHITE POWER RIGHT THERE. Dividing and conquering black people at the same damn time.

Jen the Pen can’t even voice her opinion that she’ll get a job in radio (because she’s white) faster than Raqi (because she has no real experience) without her own baby daddy making sure its public knowledge that they’re arguing over her on air fuck up.

At the end of the day Jen the pen is no better than the average chick out the projects that has video vixen, gold digger dreams. She got knocked up by a has been rapper, she’s jobless, depends on him for income and she has no health insurance. That’s not white privilege, that’s some nigga shit.

Ps: If you’re looking for serious commentary on White privilege google Peggy McIntosh “white privilege”.

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