Jay-Z Performs at So So So Def Anniversary Event

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Jay-Z Performs at So So So Def Anniversary Event

Photo Credit: Lenny S (KodakLens)

PSA Live by yardie4lifever2

Last night Hov touched down in Atlanta for the So So Def Anniversary and performed alongside Jermaine Dupri for “Money Ain’t A Thing” and then slipped into P.S.A, Niggas in Paris, & Clique. You gotta love the duality of Hov, last week we saw mushy Hov singing Coldplay’s Yellow with his wife and this week we get that sh*t talking, jeans, a hoodie and a big ass gold chain Hov.

Speaking of his hoodie. It’s a virgilabloh Pyrex Vision piece, the same label Kanye wore at the Sandy Benefit Concert. Who the f*ck is Virgil Abloh, he’s the full-time creative director, style advisor and art director for Kanye West, he also co-owns the RSVP Gallery in Chicago. The painting on the hoodie is a piece by an artist named Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, titled “The Entombment of Christ“. I’m not even going to lie, from a distance it looked like some weird sex act you would typically see on Spartacus but hey I’ve been wrong before. Hey you learn something new everyday.

While faces are important in painting generally, in Caravaggio it is important always to note where the arms are pointing. Skyward in The Conversion of Saint Paul on the Road to Damascus, towards Levi in The Calling of Saint Matthew. Here, the dead God’s fallen arm and immaculate shroud touch stone; the grieving Mary Magdalene gesticulates to Heaven. In some ways, that was the message of Christ: God come to earth, and mankind reconciled with the heavens. As usual, even with his works of highest devotion, Caravaggio never fails to ground himself. Tradition held that the Virgin Mary be depicted as eternally young, but here Caravaggio paints the Virgin as an old woman. The figure of the Virgin Mary is also partially obscured; we see her in the blue robe and her arms are held out to her side, imitating the line of the stone they stand upon. Her right hand hovers above his head as if she is reaching out to touch him.

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