Funkmaster Flex Breaks Man Law to Air Out DJ Envy

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Funkmaster Flex Breaks Man Law to Air Out DJ Envy

There’s too much hip-hop on the blog this weekend, I’ve gotta purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka and publish some tech news, some fashion, marketing biz, something besides hip-hop.

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Quick recap: Last night around 6 @funkmasterflex started tweeting that people needed to tune in at 7pm for Funkmaster Flex’s set on Hot 97. Which really means a lot of sh*t will be talked and bombs will be dropped. New Yorkers know this and sometimes a rant from Flex is needed providing much laughter while you’re riding on the Southern State Parkway, Belt Parkway, Grand Central Parkway or the West Side Highway. However as of late it’s a lot of growling and sh*t nobody cares about. But…. Give the man his credit, we do still tune in, I mean 80’s babies grew up with Flex and those before us came of age with him. He’s like your drunk uncle/cousin; you hate him sometimes but he’s still family.

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Last night Flex crossed the line. Forget the radio wars, forget that. There are some truths that we as men hold to be self-evident. THOU SHALL NOT BREAK MAN LAW. Now, there’s a lot of man law breakage in this new era but then again those aren’t men, those are little boys. Aston Taylor George Jr., from the Bronx, the birthplace of hip-hop is 44 years old so there’s no reason for him to be acting like one of these kids who grew up on Cali District Swag. #noshots


Last night in full detail Flex exposed DJ Envy for his “alleged” cheating on his wife with Love & Hip-Hop NY star Erica Mena. #voodoobox The truth of the matter is, if this is true I’m sure his wife already knows and they’re being adults about it and working through it but this stunt does add insult to injury. And no matter what… MAN CODE. MAN LAW says that no matter how much you despise your enemy, you don’t do hoe shit to your enemy. You don’t snitch on your enemy. You don’t air out any man’s dirty laundry because that’s a violation of man law section 0.001. Flex went on a 3 hour tirade berating Envy, exposing his infidelities and pretty much co-signing Erica Mena’s upcoming tell all. Now if you’ve followed NY radio long enough you would know that when Flex sat down to talk with Hov *the God MC* years ago he brought up Nas’ baby mother Carmen and her tell all book and said “why all these hoes wanna write these tell all books, what’s good with these hoes.” Funkmaster Flex is now the co-signer of such books, giving women like Erica Mena an even larger platform to write these groupie/tell all books. What changed Flex?

Don’t tell me good for him (Envy), he shouldn’t have been cheating. THANK YOU, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS. The issue here is Flex should have been a G and kept the information to himself. Remember, THOU SHALL NOT VIOLATE MAN LAW. Even if Envy made some disparaging remarks about Flex’s daughter, about Flex’s marital problems, as a man Flex should have handled the situation differently, period. Men can’t stoop to the level of “hoe shit” if they claim to be above it. Flex is a staple in Hip-Hop and we can’t have him running around making Hip-Hop look like some Perez Hilton tabloid via his website and radio show. Come home drunk uncle; come back to where men live, you’re better than this.

What do you think? Did Flex violate man law or is all fair in radio wars?

*Disclaimer* hoe sh*t is by no means an attack on women. It’s not gender specific. Carry on.

*If and when I find the full audio I will post it so check back for that.

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