Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 11 Recap

Tonight’s episode of Boardwalk Empire was a good one and has me even more excited for next week’s season 3 finale.

Here are a few things I thought about during tonight’s episode —

Will Nucky finally realize that he treats his people (i.e. Chalky and Eddie) like pure crap and none of them really had to put their lives on the line for him but they did anyway out of loyalty. Hopefully after tonight’s awakening Nucky will learn to be a better leader to his crew. You can’t be half a gangster and since this is the life he’s chosen it would behoove him to take good care of his team to inspire their loyalty and commitment to keeping him alive.

It was extremely smart of Eli to make a deal with Al Capone and mutually beneficial for Capone as he’s looking to expand his operation. Torrio would have just played it safe like Arnold Rothstein but Capone is ambitious and sees the bigger picture of how continuing a relationship with Nucky will be profitable. I am curious about how Capone comes to Atlantic City to wipe out Masseria’s men when Capone is originally from Brooklyn and still has some ties to Masseria I’m sure.

I can’t wait until someone puts a bullet in Margaret; she really has no meaningful role in the show at this point.

Anyone with half a brain knows it better for Chalky to be in bed with Nucky than to be in bed with Gyp “the raving sociopath” Rosetti. Rosetti kills his own men; he can’t be trusted. At this point Massareia should wash his hands of Gyp, he’s just too much of a loose cannon.

This episode basically gave us the Chalky we’ve been waiting to see. Large and in charge. He had the muscle; he proved his loyalty to Nucky and unless he gets killed in the season finale he will get his club on the Boardwalk. He even let the little med student get his hands dirty, it would benefit that young gentleman to stay in Chalky’s favor. What ever happened with his bad bay chasing, poet daughter?

Next week is going to be explosive. We need Jillian dead and Richard to go off… AGAIN. But will Richard be killed off or runaway with his newfound love. We know this show has no loyalty to its characters. Until next week!!!!

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